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Receive alimony? Pay alimony? Then record the data

If you are getting a divorce, one of the issues that may be involved with your divorce is spousal support, or alimony. This can be a complicated area of family law, as determining spousal support depends on a lot of factors, including the length of the marriage, the health of the splitting spouses, and the financial potential of both spouses.

Future of alimony in question if Florida bill passes

After years of sharing lives and finances, it can be difficult for Tampa residents to cope with the single life after a separation or divorce. Some people may view alimony as a necessary form of income that enables them to survive financially on their own. Others may expect to receive a monthly payment so that they can maintain the standard of living they enjoyed while married. Due to the various perceptions of alimony, there is often a great deal of controversy around the topic.

The push for alimony reform continues in Florida

Many Florida residents are likely aware of the controversy surrounding the recent push for a reform of the current laws surrounding an important component of many divorces in Florida. There is a big push right now to reform the laws surrounding alimony particularly the issue of permanent alimony. The group that is advocating this reform believes that the current laws are unfair and leave many with undue financial burdens that cannot be met by many who are ordered to pay alimony on a permanent basis.

Alimony reform on the horizon?

Tampa residents considering marriage or divorce should make themselves aware of the current state of alimony laws in Florida, and the potential for change. Florida is one of a few states in the U.S. that still awards permanent alimony. Anybody thinking about marrying, divorcing or re-marrying should understand the potential consequences that a permanent alimony award could have on the payer, the recipient and even a new spouse.

Celebrating the completion of divorce a rising trend

Tampa residents considering divorce may find it difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel. The divorce process can be filled with legal documents, paperwork and sometimes painful memories. However, some companies are looking to turn the completion of divorce into a means for celebration.

Tampa man allegedly owes $6.5 million in alimony and child support

In an ideal situation, the amount of child support one parent must pay is determined, and that parent makes the required child support payments on time. Unfortunately, sometimes parents are late on child support payments. In that case, the other parent will have to turn to local authorities for enforcement of child support. In one case, authorities determined a local man owes millions in support payments..

Financial savvy important leading up to divorce

Florida couples ending their marriages often face complex asset distribution. Financial preparation is essential in making divorce as smooth as possible. Managing the finances can be a difficult skill to learn after a divorce. In many marriages, one partner assumes the job of paying taxes and bills and budgeting. The partner who has not been taking an active role in financial planning runs the risk of overspending if he or she is not financially literate.

Florida alimony laws outdated, say advocates for reform

According to one reform activist, Florida's laws are preventing her from being happily married to her fiancé. Florida laws allow for a judge to award a spouse permanent alimony in a divorce settlement. The reason the Florida resident has not yet married her beloved is because, she says, her income could be used to support her fiancé's ex-wife and she doesn't want her income used in that way. The activist for reform, who teaches college math, said the intention of the alimony laws should be to support families and children, not prevent families from forming in the first place.

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