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Proving paternity and establishing fathers' rights in Florida

Unmarried parents may face a host of legal complications regarding child support, visitation and other issues. If you are an unmarried father, it may be necessary for you to take certain legal steps in order to clearly establish paternity and act upon your rights as a biological parent.

Florida man faces 13 years in prison for missed child support

Florida parents who rely upon monthly child support payments understand how important the monthly check can be. For some families, the payment can represent the difference between being financially stable or stressed. When a parent ordered by the court to make child support payments fails to make payments, it can create a substantial financial burden for the parent with physical custody. Accordingly, enforcement of child support orders is vital for many families.

Tampa Bay Area domestic violence survivor gives hope to others

While a great deal of organizations and media outlets focus on the worthy cause of Breast Cancer during the month of October, it is also Domestic Violence Awareness month. For those experiencing domestic violence, the month of October serves as a reminder that he or she is not alone, and together we can find a path to safety.

Tampa man allegedly owes $6.5 million in alimony and child support

In an ideal situation, the amount of child support one parent must pay is determined, and that parent makes the required child support payments on time. Unfortunately, sometimes parents are late on child support payments. In that case, the other parent will have to turn to local authorities for enforcement of child support. In one case, authorities determined a local man owes millions in support payments..

Florida father criminally charged for not paying child support

A rarely used and little-known law has resulted in the arrest of a Florida father for willfully refusing to pay his court ordered child support. The 34-year-old father of two boys plead no contest to the charges earlier this month and received a sentence of five years probation and 25 hours of community service, but that is not all. Per the terms of the father's probation, a circuit court judge required him to pay $550 per week in child support payments and pay $69,542.88 is back child support he owes.

Florida alimony laws outdated, say advocates for reform

According to one reform activist, Florida's laws are preventing her from being happily married to her fiancé. Florida laws allow for a judge to award a spouse permanent alimony in a divorce settlement. The reason the Florida resident has not yet married her beloved is because, she says, her income could be used to support her fiancé's ex-wife and she doesn't want her income used in that way. The activist for reform, who teaches college math, said the intention of the alimony laws should be to support families and children, not prevent families from forming in the first place.

Judge puts the heat on Heat star's wife in custody dispute, p. 2

The Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce has pushed Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade's family court issues right off the front page of celebrity tabloids. The custody and visitation argument is still very much alive for Wade's two boys, though; a handoff that did not go as planned landed Wade and his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, in a courtroom recently, with their 10- and 5-year-old sons stuck right in the middle.

Judge puts the heat on Heat star's wife in custody dispute

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade will not be playing in the Olympics this time around, but he and his ex-wife continue to compete for control of their two children. The boys, ages 10 and 5, were at the center of another court hearing this week in the couple's two-years-and-counting custody battle. After hearing testimony from several witnesses, the judge has ordered a temporary modification to the visitation arrangement the basketball player and his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, worked out last year.

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