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High Asset Divorce Archives

The challenges of financing a high asset divorce

Tampa residents who are contemplating divorce may also be considering the financial implications of a divorce as well. Divorce can alter current finances and lifestyle greatly, and in some cases, a divorce can prove to be quite costly.

Tips for couples interested in preparing for divorce

Too often couples considering divorce think that divorce is as simple as signing a piece of paper. While it may seem that way in Hollywood, in real life, divorce is a much more complex process. This is even more true for high-asset couples with complex estates. To expedite the process, however, there are a number of things that couples can do to prepare before any papers are ever drafted. The following are tips for Florida couples considering divorce.

Couples who own businesses together and divorce

Tampa residents who have decided to end their marriages understand the various difficulties and challenges that can accompany the decision. Not only are finances typically altered, relationships can be forever redefined. Rarely does everything stay the same.

Woman spray paints divorce message to judge on courthouse

Tampa residents who have gone through, or who are contemplating divorce, understand how emotionally draining and challenging the process can be. So many aspects of a divorce can be difficult -- emotionally and financially. Finding a healthy outlet for the emotions that accompany divorce can be a critical step in coping and moving forward.

Possible factors emerge explaining high rates of "gray divorce"

Tampa residents probably know that divorce can happen to any couple, at any time. As recent studies suggest, even older couples are rapidly turning to divorce. In the past 20 years, "gray divorces," which includes couples age 50 and older, have doubled, and the numbers show no signs of slowing. Noting a significant increase in gray divorce statistics, psychotherapists, sociologists and psychologists alike are attempting to decode the reasons and possible contributing factors as to why numbers are so high.

Celebrating the completion of divorce a rising trend

Tampa residents considering divorce may find it difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel. The divorce process can be filled with legal documents, paperwork and sometimes painful memories. However, some companies are looking to turn the completion of divorce into a means for celebration.

Financial savvy important leading up to divorce

Florida couples ending their marriages often face complex asset distribution. Financial preparation is essential in making divorce as smooth as possible. Managing the finances can be a difficult skill to learn after a divorce. In many marriages, one partner assumes the job of paying taxes and bills and budgeting. The partner who has not been taking an active role in financial planning runs the risk of overspending if he or she is not financially literate.

Division of assets of fine art in divorce proves difficult

Florida couples with significant assets sometimes do not consider how those assets should be divided in the event that their union does not work out. Couples considering dissolution of marriage should be aware that some assets are easier to divide than others.

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