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Retrieving evidence for divorce proceedings? There's an app for that!

Engaging in divorce proceedings can be a lengthy, frustrating experience. For those embroiled in a particularly contentious battle with a former spouse, frayed nerves can lead many people to do things they may regret months down the line. Seeking solace from a friend or an escape from stressors, these frazzled folks may engage in harmful activities just by turning on their computers and logging into social media accounts.

Are you a business owner? Consider the ramifications of divorce

In our last post, we talked about a complicated divorce scenario: when military members file for divorce. There are a lot of intricate processes and details that need to be covered when military members file for divorce, and there are also logistical hurdles that need to be cleared in order for the divorce to be processed and completed properly.

Military divorce presents complex situations

Even in the most optimistic of scenarios, divorce can be a complicated and anxious time for the splitting spouses. They have to deal with property division. They have to manage other legal issues, such as their estate plans and other legal considerations that were tied into their marriage. And most importantly, they have to manage themselves. They have to deal and cope with the emotional fallout from a divorce.

Former NFL player Kordell Stewart files for divorce

Tampa residents who are contemplating divorce may be wary of asset division. We've all heard stories involving bitter divorces that result in one spouse taking another to the "cleaners". However, we've also seen spouses amicably split their assets. Deciding whether to divorce can be one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make, and many times, the decision will have a lasting financial implication.

Speeding through a divorce can cause long term financial issues

Tampa residents who are contemplating a divorce face an immensely difficult decision. A divorce can alter one's whole life, and bring a number of significant changes. While divorce is sometimes the best decision a person can make in their particular situation, it doesn't necessarily mean it is the easiest decision. It can be difficult to separate logic and emotions when determining whether to proceed with a divorce.

Gray divorce may mean rethinking retirement plans

Tampa residents who have gone through a divorce understand the huge impact it can have on your life, both emotionally and financially. Some divorces are relatively simple, and some can become more complex when extensive assets and children are involved.

Looking ahead: long term planning after a divorce

Tampa residents who are contemplating or are in the middle of a divorce understand that no matter what advice friends or family may give - the complexities or timeline for each divorce varies from couple to couple. It can be a long, arduous and emotionally draining experience or it can be a fairly painless, quick agreement.

Kardashian-Humphries: short marriage, long divorce

Tampa residents who are going through or contemplating a divorce may feel overwhelmed with the potential timeline. While the lengths of divorce proceedings may vary, some can prove to be truly exhausting, and take a great amount of time - particularly in high asset divorces.

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