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Man jumps into river to avoid outstanding child support warrant

Tampa parents who have endured missed child support payments know how frustrating and stressful it can be. For some parents, child support can mean the difference between financial stress and financial stability. For other parents, they may heavily rely on the support. When payments are missed, and parents are delinquent, there are many consequences.

No winnings for those who gamble away child support

Tampa parents who are owed child support and do not receive a monthly check understand the frustration and stress the missed payments can create. In many cases, missed child support payments equate a financial burden on a parent with custody. Sometimes, it can seem like delinquent parents elude authorities, but there are many agencies that seek to get deadbeat parents to pay.

Man tries to "crawl" away from $70,000 of child support

Tampa parents who have a child support order understand the importance that a monthly check holds. Not only does the check represent support for their child, but also financial stability. There can by many reasons that a parent fails to make a child support payment. Financial hardships or change of circumstances may warrant a modification of the support order. Other times, parents are simply delinquent and slink away from their responsibility to their child.

Florida man faces 13 years in prison for missed child support

Florida parents who rely upon monthly child support payments understand how important the monthly check can be. For some families, the payment can represent the difference between being financially stable or stressed. When a parent ordered by the court to make child support payments fails to make payments, it can create a substantial financial burden for the parent with physical custody. Accordingly, enforcement of child support orders is vital for many families.

Parent misses child support payments, loses driver's license

Florida parents who are owed monthly child support payments understand that receiving payments can be the difference between financial security and financial stress. Child support payments help to alleviate the costs of raising a child. While child support payments may be ordered by a court, a parent may not always follow through. Missed or ignored payments can cause emotional and financial tolls on a parent with custody.

Sperm donor asked to pay child support

Florida parents dealing with child support understand the complexities and challenges that can accompany a monthly payment, or lack thereof. Many times, much of the difficulty with child support payments stems from one parent's inability or refusal to pay. A child support order will typically dictate the monthly amount due.

"Most Wanted" deadbeat parent arrested; owes over $1.2 million

Single parents in Florida face unique challenges when raising a child alone. Commonly, financial issues can consume a majority of their time. Most troubling for some single parents are missed or unpaid child support payments. When an ex-spouse, or the other parent, has been ordered by a court to make child support payments, but fails to pay, finances can be difficult if not impossible to manage.

Dennis Rodman ordered to pay $500,000 in back child support

Florida parents, who have gone through or are currently attempting to collect child support, understand the complexities and frustrations the process can cause. Whether payments are late or never come at all, it can place a hefty financial burden on the custodial parent.

Ex-NFL star Warren Sapp seeks to modify child support

Florida parents having trouble paying their child support payments understand the system can be frustrating and emotionally difficult. Given the nature of the current economy, many parents are finding that a child support modification is necessary.

Taxpayers pay the price of missed child support payments

Florida parents who are owed support for their children understand the frustration and difficulty of missed payments. Lack of financial support can be detrimental to relationships and place a heavy financial burden on a single parent with custody. In some cases, parents have to take multiple jobs in order to stay afloat.

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