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Highway fatality rates in 2016

On January 1, we celebrate the new year and look forward. As the year continues, the numbers come in and it becomes easier to look back with a clear picture. The National Safety Council just released statistics concerning driving habits in 2016 and they are alarming.

5 tips for spotting a drunk driver

As you make your way through the streets of Tampa, you know how important it is to follow the law and do whatever you can to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, even when you're doing everything you can to remain safe, other drivers may not be taking the same approach.

A plea to drivers: don't use your cellphone

In our last post, we talked about how you should react after you have been in a car accident. These are precious moments, and when you are ready to deal with the aftermath of a car crash, the information that you gather could prove to be very helpful in case you file an insurance claim or pursue legal action against a negligent driver.

How to react after you have been in a car accident

It is always a scary moment when you are driving down the road and you see a swerving car in front of you; or a driver preoccupied by a conversation with people in the backseat; or a driver whose face is lit up by the white light of a cellphone screen. In any of these situations, the negligent driver could cause a car accident, thus changing the course of the lives of the people involved in the crash.

Summertime driving dangers

Each summer, there is more traffic on the roads than usual because of traveling tourists. Due to the increase in motorists, there are some summertime driving dangers that all vehicle operators in Florida should be aware of.

How do I know when a driver is drunk?

Drunk motorists in Florida are not just a danger to themselves, they are a huge hazard for every man, woman, child and pet who is traveling on the roads. However, learning how to spot the signs of drunk driving can reduce your chances of ever being involved in an accident and injured, and help to make the roads much safer.

Teens and summer car accidents

School is out and teenagers in Florida have more time to drive. Although there is more traffic on the roads during this time of year and there are graduated driving laws in effect, teens are the one group of drivers who are at great risk for motor vehicle accidents and injury.

Marijuana and motorists

Marijuana use is growing in popularity all across the nation as it gains more attention for its ability to help people control health issues and as states are beginning to legalize the recreational use of it. However, just as people often drink and drive, the possibility that more people will drive while under the influence of marijuana has raised concern. Therefore, Hillsborough motorists should be aware of its effects on their driving behavior and how it affects other drivers.

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