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Defensive driving techniques may help you stay safer on the road

When it comes to safety on the road, you certainly do not only want to look out for yourself. You may feel that taking precautions can help you and other travelers stay safer, and you could want to teach any driving-age children you have how to operate a vehicle safely. Fortunately, remaining proactive and cautious on the road could greatly increase your likelihood of staying safe.

Unfortunately, the chances of involvement in a car accident remain high. Other drivers may not take the time to follow traffic laws, watch for pedestrians or hazards in the road, or even think about the impact their actions could have on other travelers. Still, if you want to do your best to remain a defensive driver, taking certain steps could help.

Check for hazards

Have you ever heard friends or family members say that a dog came out of nowhere or that they did not see some other hazard in the road that ended up leading to an accident? While you certainly do not have the ability to account for every potential danger that could cross your path, continuous scanning of your surroundings could help you notice hazards that could put you at risk of an accident and, in turn, hopefully avoid them.

Avoid distractions

Distracted driving accounts for a substantial number of car accidents. Unfortunately, distractions are everywhere. Therefore, it may take effort to remain completely focused on the task of driving, but doing so could greatly increase your chances of avoiding an accident. Putting your phone away, not eating while driving, refraining from refereeing the kids and several other actions could help you avoid taking your eyes and mind off your driving.

Keep your distance and pay attention to braking

The amount of space you leave between your vehicle and the one in front of you could also affect the chances of an accident. In the event that the driver in front of you suddenly brakes, if you have kept an adequate following distance, you should have the ability to stop your vehicle before colliding with the one in front.

Paying attention to when you start to brake can also impact the chances of a crash. If you brake early, you can give yourself extra time to account for roadway conditions and signal to drivers behind you that you will soon come to a stop.

Know your legal options

Though these steps may lessen your chances of being in a car accident, they will not completely eliminate the possibility. If you do end up in a crash caused by another driver that leads to your suffering serious injuries, you may have reason to seek compensation for damages resulting from the incident. Information on personal injury claims may help you determine your best course of action.

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