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Will a new law lead to less texting and driving on Florida roads?

Florida lawmakers are considering a bill that could make the act of texting and driving a primary offense. This means that there would be more accountability for drivers who participate in this dangerous action. Currently, the proposed law is still under consideration by legislators, but it appears that both drivers and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree on increasing the severity of distracted driving laws in Florida.

All forms of distracted driving are dangerous and a threat to the well-being of you and every person on the road. Texting and driving is one of the most common forms, yet it is only a secondary offense in the state. This means that you must also be committing another traffic violation in order for law enforcement to write a ticket for texting and driving.

Making the roads safer in Florida

Texting and driving is extremely dangerous because it diverts your attention from the task at hand. It affects your cognition, vision and physical control of the vehicle. Despite widespread education regarding the dangers of this behavior, it is still a serious concern.

Lawmakers have attempted to pass stricter laws against this dangerous behavior in the past, but this time, there seems to be widespread support about the changes in existing laws. Consider the following:

  • You may be among the many Florida residents feel positively about increasing the consequences for texting while driving, noting the danger of distracted driving
  • If passed, this law would allow law enforcement to stop and ticket drivers they see texting while operating a vehicle
  • Two committees have approved the bill, and now it awaits additional approval before making it to a formal vote 

Regardless of whether the bill passes, people who are victims of distracted driving have rights. If you were hurt in an accident caused by a person who was texting, it is possible to hold liable parties accountable for their actions.

The road to recovery

Holding drivers accountable for the consequences of distracted driving can start as soon as possible after your accident. You may find it beneficial to begin by seeking a complete evaluation of your case in order to understand the options available to you.

You could have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim, which could allow you to recover your losses associated with medical bills, damage to personal property, emotional duress and other accident-related expenses.

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