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Taking precautions may help prevent a rollover accident

As you grew up, you may have heard of or even witnessed serious car accidents that involved a vehicle rolling over. This type of situation may have turned into one that you feared becoming involved in yourself due to the serious injuries that could result. You may share this fear with many other people who hope to avoid a rollover accident. Unfortunately, this type of incident could occur despite your best efforts to remain safe.

Though the risk for such an accident does exist because you cannot always plan for the actions of other travelers, you could take certain steps to help protect yourself and your passengers from such an incident. The precautions could even begin as early as when you start thinking about the type of vehicle you want to buy.

At-risk vehicles

You may already know that some vehicles have a higher risk of rolling over than others. Often, these vehicles have a higher center of gravity, meaning that they are not as close to the ground. Vehicles that have the highest risk include SUVs, trucks and minivans due to their sitting higher off the ground. In fact, statistics indicate that SUVs flip three times more often than smaller passenger cars. This also means that compact cars and similar vehicles have a lower chance of rolling over in a crash.

Because of these risks, you may wish to consider purchasing a smaller vehicle with a lower center of gravity.

Safe driving habits

If you already own an SUV, truck or minivan, or simply understand that any vehicle could roll over, you may want to take certain precautions to lessen the risk of rolling your vehicle. Speeding can increase the chance of a vehicle rolling over, especially in sharp curves or turns. Traveling over 55 mph significantly increases that chance.

Additionally, you may want to understand various details regarding your vehicle's weight capacity and distribution. If you overload your vehicle, it could make its control less stable. As a result, you may think you are driving safely only to put yourself and others at risk due to having too much weight in or on your vehicle.

Addressing an accident

Though you may do your best to avoid a rollover accident, you may not have the good fortune of never experiencing one. Another driver could hit your vehicle and cause it to flip, or if riding in a vehicle, your driver may travel too quickly or take other actions that result in the vehicle rolling. In such an event, you could suffer serious injuries due to another person's negligence or recklessness. If so, you may wish to consider filing a personal injury claim against that driver in order to seek compensation.

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