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3 tips for avoiding wrong-way drivers

While on your daily commute or traveling to any destination, you face many hazards on the road. One of the biggest hazards you must contend with is other drivers trying to make their way to their own destinations. These drivers could participate in any number of dangerous actions that could increase their risk -- and subsequently, your risk -- of involvement in a car accident.

A particularly dangerous scenario that you could face on the road relates to drivers going the wrong direction. Wrong-way drivers account for numerous car crashes that take place every year, and you could become a victim of such a driver. In hopes of avoiding such an accident, you may wish to take certain steps.

Stay alert

Because the majority of wrong-way drivers have consumed alcohol and gotten behind the wheel while intoxicated, you may wish to stay particularly alert during the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. During this time, you face a higher chance of coming across a drunk driver. By remaining aware of this statistic, you could bolster your chances of noticing worrisome actions from other drivers sooner.

Stay to the right

Typically, drivers traveling the wrong direction tend to travel in the lane to your left. Therefore, you may wish to remain to the far right of the roadway as much as possible when traveling at night. This action may help keep you out of the path of a wrong-way driver.

Get off the road

If you do happen to notice a driver traveling the wrong way in your direction, you may initially feel a sense of panic. While understandable, you may want to do your best to remain calm and take evasive actions. If possible, pull off to the shoulder of the roadway in hopes of getting out the vehicle's path.

Impacts of wrong-way accidents

Unfortunately, crashes caused by wrong-way drivers tend to have devastating outcomes. Even if collisions occur at relatively low speeds, such as 40 mph, the accidents typically have fatal outcomes. Wrong-way crashes lead to 300 to 400 deaths each year. While the majority of wrong-way drivers have consumed alcohol, confusion and other factors could result in parties traveling the wrong way.

Even if you attempt to avoid a wrong-way driver, you may not have the ability to completely escape a crash. In the event that you suffer serious injuries or lose a loved one in this type of accident, you may wish to consider taking legal action against the driver considered at fault.

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