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Fearful, anxious dogs could potentially attack

You, along with numerous other Florida residents, likely had a lovable dog growing up or may even have one now. You undoubtedly had or have a fierce love and attachment to your dog and hope that one day your children can have such a companion. Of course, you certainly also know that dogs could pose a threat if approached unexpectedly or while showing signs of fear or anxiety.

Because you certainly want to protect yourself and your children from a dog attack, you may wish to recognize signs that could indicate that a dog does not feel comfortable. Additionally, knowing how to handle a tense situation may also prove useful.

Signs of fear or anxiety

Just like humans, if dogs feel fearful or anxious, they may take steps to protect themselves. Often, a dog's main form of protection relates to biting. Therefore, if a dog in your vicinity seems uncomfortable, you could potentially face the risk of an attack. If you notice any of the following signs, you may want to do your best to avoid the animal:

  • Tense body
  • Lowered ears
  • Head pulled back
  • Visible whites of the eyes
  • Staring
  • Raised tail

Other obvious signs that a dog does not feel comfortable include growling and showing teeth.

Getting out of a tense situation

If you see a dog exhibiting any of these signs, you certainly want to get out of the situation quickly before an attack occurs. However, you do not want run from the animal as a dog's natural instincts involve giving chase. Instead, you may want to remain calm and take the following actions:

  • Remaining still with your hands at your sides
  • Not making eye contact with the dog
  • Slowly backing away

In the event that you cannot get away before a dog attacks, attempt to put an object -- such as a jacket, purse or backpack -- between you and the animal. If you fall or get knocked to the ground, cover your head and remain as still as possible.

Dealing with injuries

Unfortunately, even if you take precautions, a chance still exists that a dog attack could take place. If you or your child suffers serious injuries in such an event, the impacts could prove long lasting. If you feel that seeking compensation against the owner of the dog is warranted, you may wish to find out more information on personal injury claims for dog attacks.

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