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Motorists and truck accidents

In Florida, truck accidents are often more catastrophic and life altering events than car accidents. This is because commercial big rigs are much bigger than cars, they have a much higher ground clearance and they weigh 20-30 tons more, states the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute.

According to CNBC, truck accidents are becoming more common each year. Each year, truck accidents result in more than 100,000 injured people. On average, 4,000 people die from being involved in commercial vehicle accidents which equal almost 11 deaths per day. There is also the financial impact of truck accidents. Many motorists find themselves dealing with the financial aftermath of truck accidents for a long time.

There are measures drivers can take to lessen their chances of getting in accidents with big rigs and trucks. First, they should keep an eye out for truckers who are not paying attention to the roads. These vehicle operators are distracted and are unpredictable. Motorists should also look for truckers who are driving recklessly. This includes truck drivers who are speeding, switching back and forth between lanes and driving aggressively.

Most trucks and semi-trucks have stickers on them that say “How is my driving?” for motorists to call and report suspicious and erratic driving behavior. In addition to using that resource, motorists should contact law enforcement to report negligent truck drivers so they can get them off the roads.

Truckers are not the only ones to blame for these accidents. Regular motorists share some of the responsibility as well. Some vehicle operators drive aggressively and tailgate large commercial trucks, even when it is clearly unsafe for them to do so. They also speed and misjudge their actions and driving intent which can ultimately lead to collisions.


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