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Fatigued driving: More prevalent and more dangerous than you think

You may know of the dangers of distracted driving, but you may not know that fatigued driving can be just as dangerous. A tired driver can cause as much harm as an individual who picks up his or her phone while behind the wheel, and it is a serious problem in Florida and across the country.

There is much risk involved with getting behind the wheel while tired. Drowsy driving can happen for many reasons, but it always carries the risk of causing a serious or fatal accident. If you were hurt in an accident and you believe that a fatigued driver could be to blame, you may have grounds for a civil claim.

Who is a drowsy driver?

Anyone can be a tired driver. While most people do get behind the wheel while they are tired at some point in their lives, tiredness becomes dangerous when it affects a person's ability to think clearly, react appropriately and drive safely. The following groups of people are more prone to driving while dangerously fatigued:

  • Individuals who regularly do not get enough sleep
  • People with undiagnosed sleep disorders
  • Drivers who take medications that can cause drowsiness and sleepiness
  • Commercial drivers
  • Individuals who work night shifts or long shifts

People who may be too tired to drive safely bear the responsibility of making other transportation arrangements. Like drunk drivers and distracted drivers, people who cannot safely get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle are accountable for any damages and pain and suffering caused by their actions.

Too tired to be safe

Being a little sleepy is not dangerous by itself. Fatigue and exhaustion become a risk for the driver and everyone else when they begin to effect cognitive function and physical reaction time. Drowsiness can cause the following behaviors:

  • Inability to focus on the road
  • Slower reaction time when braking or steering
  • Less ability to make smart decisions

A driver who is experiencing one or all of these things is too tired to be safe behind the wheel. He or she could cause great damage by swerving, hitting another vehicle and more.

You may suspect that fatigued driving played a role in your accident, yet you may be unsure of how you can build a strong claim and provide evidence that negligence was involved. By reaching out to an experienced attorney, you can better know your options and seek the compensation to which you may have a rightful claim.

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