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July 2017 Archives

Study shows increased truck crashes on I-75 in Florida

Large highways are made safe by attentive drivers exercising courtesy and practicing good judgement. New highway construction and sources of traffic have brought more semis and heavy trucks into Florida than ever before, and the risk of collisions has come with them.

Can you sue after an outdoor slip-and-fall accident?

You know that you may have a right to sue after an indoor slip-and-fall accident. You're clearly on someone else's property. If that person created a dangerous situation or allowed one to persist -- a store owner who didn't tell employees to clean up after a spill, for instance -- then he or she may be liable.

Fatigued driving: More prevalent and more dangerous than you think

You may know of the dangers of distracted driving, but you may not know that fatigued driving can be just as dangerous. A tired driver can cause as much harm as an individual who picks up his or her phone while behind the wheel, and it is a serious problem in Florida and across the country.

Steps to clean a puncture wound

One of the biggest problems with a puncture wound is simply that it may appear to be less problematic than a longer cut or laceration. The flesh closes over the wound. You think the bleeding is done and that the damage isn't that bad.

Hurt in a hotel? Don't sleep on the potential for a civil claim

When you stay in a hotel, it is with the expectation that the premises are safe and clean. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and sometimes, innocent hotel guests suffer harm because of issues such as wet floors, dangerous property conditions and more.

Car crashes through living room and child's bedroom

In Tampa, a car left the roadway and crashed into a parked vehicle. That second vehicle was sitting right in front of a house, and the accident was so violent that the first car plowed right on into the home, smashing into a living room and a child's bedroom at just before 6 a.m.

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