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4 key things to remember about semitrucks

You can't always avoid semitrucks on the road. They worry you with their huge size and the way they dwarf your car, but you must drive near them. You want to know how to do it safely.

Semi accidents claim lives year in and year out. Below are four things to remember to avoid being included in those statistics.

1. Trucks can't stop quickly.

Never cut in front of a semi right before slamming on the brakes to stop or turn. That truck cannot stop nearly as quickly as your car.

2. Truck have large blind spots.

It's easy for you to see semis, but truckers may never see your small sedan if you stay in the blind spots. Know where these are on the sides, front and back of the truck, and get out of them quickly.

3. Trucks make wide turns.

Don't tuck your car into the blind spot as the truck turns right, even if you have space. If trucks are turning left onto your road, going in the opposite direction, remember that they may come into your lane.

4. Passing takes longer.

Trucks take a long time to get up to speed. If a truck is trying to go by, it may be safest to take your foot off the gas and slow down, helping the truck pass. In addition, if you're trying to pass a semi, make sure you have ample space to get around.

Were you involved in a semi accident? Life can change forever in mere seconds, and you need to know all about your legal rights.

Source: Nationwide, "How to Share the Road with Semi Trucks," accessed June 07, 2017

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