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Tips for avoiding a rear-end accident

In the vast majority of cases, if another driver rear-ends your car, you are not at fault. Drivers are supposed to keep a safe following distance at all times -- even though many of them don't -- so that they can stop in time to avoid a crash. That being said, there are a few things you can do to keep from being rear-ended.

First off, watch out for blind spots. They're not just in the back. For example, semi trucks have blind spots in the front since they're so much taller than other vehicles.

Next, if anyone ever starts to tailgate you, try to get them to pass you. This doesn't always have to be done aggressively. Look for passing zones and let the vehicle go by in a safe, controlled manner.

That one is hard for a lot of drivers. They know that the tailgater may be in the wrong. However, it's far safer to let it go and try to help that driver pass rather than being angry.

It's also important to understand the conditions. If it's rainy or foggy, be extra cautious about cars coming up behind where the driver may not see you. Being generally more aware of your surroundings can give you the extra second of warning you need.

In some cases, such as when you're stopped at a red light, there is nothing that you can do to avoid a rear-end accident. In that case, just focus on learning about your potential legal rights to compensation for injuries, medical bills, lost wages and more.

Source: Traffic School Online, "Four Ways to Avoid a Rear-End Collision," accessed May 25, 2017

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