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Can adults adjust emotionally after a facial disfigurement?

Dog bites to the face are among the worst when looking at the long-term impact. They can leave people with permanent disfigurements that change the way they feel about themselves long after the pain has subsided and the healing process is over. These can impact job prospects, romantic relationships and much more.

However, one study found that many adults do adjust psychologically after suffering a facial disfigurement. The study looked both at those who were born with these issues and those who suffered them as a result of trauma.

One thing that the study found was that those who had been through a traumatic experience, rather than being born with the disorder, were more likely to have physical problems. This is potentially due to the disfigurement being forced upon an already developed individual, whereas those born with disorders developed with them from a young age. The trauma itself could also create additional pain and physical issues going beyond mere appearance.

Even though the study found that psychological adjustment was common, those with disfigurements did sometimes suffer from depression, anxiety and related issues. These often had to do with a low level of personal self-esteem, and people said that they worried about what other people would think of their appearance and how they were being judged.

A highly-visible injury after a dog bite may heal physically, and this study does show that mental and emotional healing is possible, but that's not to take away from the incredibly difficult time this type of injury can put you through. Scars can last a lifetime, and you may never fully move on from the attack. It's important to know your legal rights to compensation when your life is altered forever.

Source: Medicine Net, "Most Adults With Facial Disfigurement Adapt Psychologically," Robert Preidt, accessed May 11, 2017

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