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80 percent of motorcycle accidents lead to death or injury

Motorcycle accidents are violent, they happen quickly and they lead to injuries and death in the vast majority of cases. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that over 80 percent of the accidents that get reported to the authorities have one of these outcomes.

Can we choose to parent cooperatively after divorce?

Children often suffer emotional and mental duress during the divorce of their parents, but parents can take certain steps to protect the interests of their kids during this difficult time. By working together on a custody plan that allows for continuity of lifestyle and stability, children can maintain strong relationships with both parents.

Tips for avoiding a rear-end accident

In the vast majority of cases, if another driver rear-ends your car, you are not at fault. Drivers are supposed to keep a safe following distance at all times -- even though many of them don't -- so that they can stop in time to avoid a crash. That being said, there are a few things you can do to keep from being rear-ended.

Are turn signals really that important?

You've been there before: Someone ahead of you on the interstate merges into your lane without using the turn signal. Or the car ahead of you is sitting in the left-hand turn lane without a blinker on. Or you're at a four-way stop and you don't know if that next car is going straight or turning.

Can adults adjust emotionally after a facial disfigurement?

Dog bites to the face are among the worst when looking at the long-term impact. They can leave people with permanent disfigurements that change the way they feel about themselves long after the pain has subsided and the healing process is over. These can impact job prospects, romantic relationships and much more.

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