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It can be good for a dog bite to bleed

When you're bitten by a dog, one of your first concerns may be stopping the bleeding. Of course, if it's a serious bite, you need to get the bleeding stopped and get medical attention. However, medical experts do note that some bleeding can be good, and they even tell people to encourage it -- sometimes by gently pressing on the area around the bite -- if it isn't bleeding on its own.

The reasoning here is simple: If the wound is bleeding, the blood itself can help keep bacteria from getting in. It washes the area and ensures that the pressure is pushing bacteria away from the wound. This can help to prevent infections and other such complications.

Whether it bleeds or not, you still want to watch out for signs of infection. These can include:

-- Increased pain at the injury site in the days after the attack.

-- Pus and other fluid leaking from the wound.

-- Swelling and redness.

-- Swelling of your lymph glands.

In the worst cases, the infection could even cause you to run a fever. You may have shivers and an elevated temperature.

When a dog bite does become infected, it's important to get medical care quickly. This is true even if you didn't think the bite warranted care initially and you just tried to clean in on your own.

Of course, heading to the hospital or the emergency room is not free, and you could see additional costs for medications and missed time at work. If so, you need to know if you have a right to seek financial compensation.

Source: WebMD, "First aid for dog bites," accessed March 10, 2017

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