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Outdoor conditions that can cause slip and fall injuries

One of the most common reasons for a slip and fall accident is when ice and snow pile up outside of a building or on a sidewalk, and they're not cleared away properly. While it does very infrequently snow in Florida, this is probably not something you spend a lot of time worrying about. However, it is important to remember that this is by no means the only reasons for slip and fall incidents. Other common causes include:

1. Poor parking lot maintenance. Potholes and cracks in the asphalt or concrete can be very dangerous. There are also issues when one part of the parking lot -- perhaps a newer section that was just built -- is higher than another area.

2. Poor lighting. If you can't see hazards, you can't avoid them. Inadequate lighting can be especially dangerous when combined with the issues noted above. Cracks, uneven surfaces, potholes and curbs all present more of a risk with limited visibility.

3. No maintenance on sidewalks. Cities often own sidewalks, so property owners don't believe they have to do any work to maintain them. The city may also neglect to do the proper upkeep, not knowing how bad things are getting. This can lead to long stretches with zero maintenance, when things like tree roots or sinkholes can become a serious problem.

Even though Florida rarely has icy conditions, slip and fall injuries happen for many other reasons. Therefore, it's very important to know your rights to compensation if you're hurt. An experienced Florida personal injury attorney can provide important guidance.

Source: FIndLaw, "Conditions Leading to Outdoor Slip and Fall Accidents," accessed Feb. 23, 2017

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