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Does singing along with the radio cause car accidents?

Singing along with the car radio is so popular it's become something of a cliche: People driving along, singing horribly but loving it because no one else can hear. Most people have done it at one time or another.

Is singing while you drive, as popular as it's become, actually dangerous? If another driver is signing, do the odds that he or she will cause an accident and injure you actually go up?

Some experts believe so. They note that you still have to think about the words and the melody, even if you have the song memorized. It's yet another task for your brain, diverting energy and attention from the road. This can make it more difficult for you to react promptly. In the car, at 70 miles per hour, even reacting a second or two late when a hazard presents itself can cause an accident.

They also note that other activities revolving around listening to music add more distractions. Any time you look down to change the station or switch up which song is streaming on your iPhone, you're not looking at the road. On top of that, some research suggests music with a high tempo can make mistakes more likely and change the way you drive.

As you can see, as fun as it may be to bellow out your favorite tunes while you drive, it could put you in danger. If you end up getting hit by another driver who is singing, you may then want to look into your options for compensation to cover lost wages, medical bills, and more.

Source: Mental Floss, "11 Things That Make You a Bad Driver," Kathy Benjamin, accessed Feb. 09, 2017

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