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Common mistakes that teen drivers make

Each day, the number of teen motorists on the roads in Florida increases. Many of those young drivers are inexperienced and make driving mistakes that put everyone on the roads at risk. According to Clark.com, teen motorists kill two-thirds of children, adult and senior people in car crashes. A lack of parental involvement, improper instruction, distractions and pressure all contribute to the driving mistakes teenage motorists make.


Adolescent motorists are still learning how to operate their vehicles properly. They may misjudge road conditions and situations while driving above posted speed limits. Even though they may have been advised to go with the flow of traffic, they may not have the experience to properly assess the correct speed for them to use.


Many teen drivers are still learning how to focus all their attention on the roads. When they drive with passengers, they become distracted, states TopDriver.org. They give their attention to their passengers and focus on what is going on the inside of their vehicles instead of what their driving actions and those of other motorists. They may also use their cellphones to text and surf the internet while they are driving because they have seen others do it.


Some teen motorists do not allow enough travel space between their cars and those that are in front of them. They end up tailgating other motorists when they are distracted and speeding. Tailgating causes them to make rash driving decisions like slamming on the brakes.

Many young drivers are overconfident in their driving skills, making them more prone to mistakes while driving. Parents should continue to instruct their teens after they become licensed so they can learn to stop making dangerous driving mistakes.

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