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Common causes of accidents

Car accidents are becoming more common on the roads. There are several reasons why these incidents occur. According to NPR.org, Florida had an 18 percent increase in traffic deaths in 2015. With more vehicles on the roads each day, it is more important than ever for drivers to practice safe driving habits.

Not following speed limits

Speed limits are designed to help regulate traffic and keep pedestrians and other motorists safe. Drivers who ignore the speed limits are careless and have no respect for anyone’s safety, not even their own. Some motorists drive too fast and make it hard for other drivers to predict their actions, but they do not cause as many accidents as people who drive too slow. “Slower drivers cause more car accidents  than speeding motorists”, states Drivenautos.com.

Driving under the influence

Intoxicated driving is a serious offense that no motorist should ever commit. Intoxicated drivers cause thousands of accidents each year. Many of those accidents cause severe injuries and fatalities. Alcohol, prescriptions medicines and recreational drugs are all substances that some drivers use that can lead to driving under the influence and intoxicated driving.

Distracted driving

Distractions are hard to ignore for many motorists. They may have passengers, cellphones, food, beverages and other things going on inside of their vehicles that they give some or all their attention to when they are operating vehicles. Drivers should learn how to minimize distractions so they can safely operate their cars and avoid crashing into other vehicles.

Many car accidents do not have to occur. With proper preparation, safe driving actions and more awareness, motorists can reduce their chances of car collisions.

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