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Texting and driving

Many motorists in Florida are aware that texting and driving is dangerous. However, even with that knowledge, many drivers still pull out their cellphones to send and receive text messages while operating their vehicles every day. According to IceBike Corporation, the percentage of accidents that involve cellphones is 64. The number of those accidents that resulted in severe injuries is 330,000. To help curb the number of text driving events that occur on the roads, more motorists need to exercise better judgment.

There are many reasons why people decide to text and drive. However, text messages are not so important that drivers should put innocent lives at risk. Many motorists are unable to resist the temptation of using their cellphones while driving, state USA Today.

Texting and response times

Drivers who text cannot see the roads and everyone around them as well as they need to. To safely operate vehicles, motorists should constantly remain alert and focused on their driving actions and those of other motorists. Texting interferes with those abilities and increases the risk of accidents substantially.

Texting and vehicle operation

Motorists who text and drive tend to veer out of their lanes. They may maneuver too closely to other drivers causing them to react with drastic driving actions to avoid collisions with them only to collide into other drivers. They may run red lights and fail to stop in a timely manner when required to because they do not have enough time to properly assess situations and operate their vehicles accordingly.

Drivers who text and drive should make themselves aware that they are essentially gambling with the lives of everyone on the roads, including themselves. Safety should become a top priority to motorists not text messages.

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