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Some prescription medications and driving do not mix

Many Florida drivers know how dangerous drugged driving is. However, many of them are not aware that some of the medications they take can lead to impaired driving. According to a study from 2013, the percentage of adults and teen drivers who admitted to driving while under the influence in 2012 was 3.8 percent. Prescription drugs and other illicit substances resulted in positive drug tests for 16 percent of nighttime motorists, states The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency.

Many people who experience side effects from their medications are not aware of them. Certain drugs like opioids, stimulants, sedatives and anti-anxiety medications can cause nausea, drowsiness, confusion poor memory and coordination and slurred speech, states MayoClinic.org. Some people who take them may feel like they are fine and can respond normally to any situation, others do not. Many people who take prescription medications trust their physicians to inform them about any potentially dangerous side effects that could impact their driving skills. Others do not read the labels or consult with their pharmacists for this information.

People who make the decision to drive without knowing how much their medication influences their actions and thinking are a danger to everyone on the roads. Innocent passengers, pedestrians and other motorists lose their lives every day because of their carelessness.

Drivers who use prescribed or store bought medications should practice due diligence to become informed about them. They should not operate any vehicles until they are completely sure that they do so they will not suffer any side effects that could lead to them crashing their vehicles and injuring themselves and others.

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