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Recovering after a fall at a local business establishment

Have you been enjoying the 2016 holiday season in Florida? Thousands of people have been celebrating, shopping, dining out and visiting family and friends. If your holiday fun came to a screeching halt when you slipped and fell at a department store or local restaurant, you are not alone.

Did you know that mega store chains such as Walmart report as many as 1,000 customer injuries per day? In fact, nearly 4,000 customers sued that particular store one year because they suffered injuries on store premises.

What is premises liability and whom does it typically include?

You might already be aware that, generally speaking, the term "premises liability" means holding someone legally accountable if they have been negligent resulting in injury to someone else on a particular property. The most common types of premises subject to liability include the following:

  • Private residences
  • Commercial properties
  • Government properties
  • Religious properties

You've probably visited one or more of these types of locations during the holidays. If you slipped, fell and suffered bodily harm while on such premises, you may be able to seek monetary judgment against any party or parties deemed negligible. If your injuries included severe harm to your neck or back, or you suffered a bad sprain or broken bone, achieving a swift and full recovery may prove quite challenging.

If you're worried about missing work or how you will pay your medical bills, you are certainly not the first person and likely will not be the last to have such concerns. In fact, many have filed premises liability lawsuits against those believed responsible for their suffering.

Potential outcomes of a premises liability lawsuit

It's perfectly understandable that you may want to seek justice regarding the injury you suffered while shopping, visiting a friend, working or attending a social gathering at a popular community establishment. There are many things you can do to begin the process, but also certain things you cannot do, such as presume a particular outcome. Your situation may be resolved in several ways:

  • By settling out of court before ever going to trial. It's advisable to seek knowledgeable guidance before accepting any type of settlement offer.
  • By entering litigation against any and all sources deemed liable.
  • By trying to resolve the issue on your own without legal intervention (which has often proved disastrous for others in the past).

Exploring your options and determining how best to proceed to take action against a negligent property owner is an intensely personal decision. A particular outcome may hinge on the type of representation you choose to hire to overcome any tenacious efforts a defense team may attempt in court.

If you believe a Florida property owner has failed to exercise ordinary care, and that this negligence caused you to slip, fall and suffer injury, you have every right to seek compensation for damages. By contacting an experienced team of litigators, you can take the first steps toward obtaining full monetary recovery for your losses and any medical care, physical therapy or assistance you need to gain full physical recovery as well.

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