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Look for poor maintenance as a cause of truck accidents

How safe is the big truck next to you on the road? What about the one behind you? The reality is that you have no idea, because a poorly maintained truck can look just fine right up until the moment its brakes fail or one of its tires blows out.

Because big trucks are on the road a lot more than passenger vehicles, logging a lot more miles, they require substantially more maintenance than passenger vehicles as well. When maintenance is sloppy, rushed or skipped in favor of getting the truck back out on the road faster in order to make a delivery, needless accidents happen.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, brake failure alone accounts for 27 percent of the accidents involving large trucks -- while it only accounts 2.3 percent of accidents involving passenger vehicles. That's a hugely disproportionate number that gives you an indication of how serious the problem is with big rig negligent maintenance --

and the sort of results that it can bring.

If you're involved in an accident involving a big truck of some sort and there seems to have been a mechanical failure, there are some common suspect areas aside from the brakes that any experienced truck accident lawyer is going to want examined:

—Did a tire blowout contribute to the accident? If so, were the tires properly treaded? Were they under-inflated or over-inflated? Had the driver done a visual inspection before getting on the road?

—Were broken headlights and turn signals a factor? Were the hazard lights working?

—Was the suspension in the big rig working properly? If the load shifted, was it due to a suspension failure or an unsecured cargo?

—Were trailer hitches rusted through? Had they broken before and been welded back into place?

Regular inspections and proper maintenance can prevent these kinds of problems and the accidents that go with them. An attorney familiar with truck accidents is going to want to analyze the truck's identification papers and compare those to records of both in-house and roadside inspections and repairs. It may be possible to identify where the failure to properly maintain the vehicle started and prove that the truck company was negligent from the moment they let an unsafe vehicle out on the road.

If you've been injured in a truck accident in or around Tampa, Florida, please check out our web page to learn more about your legal options.

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