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How can I avoid getting in a car accident?

Cars make life convenient for most people in Florida. Unfortunately, along with that convenience comes the risk of car accidents, states ConsumerReports. Many drivers are so wrapped up in getting back and forth to their destinations that they fail to realize that every moment they spend on the road increases the likelihood of them being injured in car wrecks. To minimize the consequences and inconvenience of this type of situation, you should take preventive steps to avoid them.

Check your vehicle

Before every trip you should inspect your vehicle for issues that can interfere with its normal operations. For example, low tire pressure can increase the risk of tire blowouts and collision with other motorists and objects. Make sure your tires are properly inflated before getting behind the wheel. You should also check your lights and fill your fuel tank as well.

Pay attention and stay alert

Keep your eyes on the road and not on someone else who is inside of your vehicle. You should be able to see and understand the actions of motorists who are on both sides of and in front and behind your vehicle. Look for signs of driver distraction from other motorists and take appropriate actions to avoid them.

Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol before you drive is a no-no. Buzzed and intoxicated driving can lead to distractions, improper maneuvers and bad judgment calls. If you do consume alcohol, wait a few hours until its effects have worn off before you drive or enlist the help of a designated driver.

Follow all traffic rules and signs

Avoid speeding and driving too slowly. You should obey all traffic signs to avoid collisions with other drivers. Continue to extend proper road courtesies and remain predictable so that other motorists know what actions they need to take to drive safely on the roads with you.

Car accidents are avoidable when drivers act responsibly and follow all traffic rules and use common sense.

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