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Drowsy driving a rising epidemic

Drowsy driving is becoming an epidemic that Florida motorists should be aware of. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of fatalities and crashes that occur from this type of behavior are underreported. In 2013, they estimated that 800 deaths and 44,000 injuries were caused by drowsy driving motorists.

People who engage in this type of behavior often show signs of being too tired to drive. Their vehicles may wander from the road. They may weave from side to side in their lanes and into other lanes. They may miss their exits. They may have trouble remembering where they are going or where they have been. They cannot seem to stop yawning and blinking. It only takes a few seconds for car collisions to happen. When drivers are too sleepy to pay attention to what they are doing and where they are going, the likelihood of car accidents skyrockets.

People who plan to drive should make sure they get enough sleep at night. Motorists need at least “seven to eight hours of sleep before getting behind the wheel”, states NPR.org. People who cannot manage to get that much sleep should try to make up the difference with naps during the daytime. Motorists should also listen to their bodies. When they start to feel tired or foggy, they should pull over to somewhere safe. Another way they can improve their alertness is to turn down the temperature inside of their vehicles so they are less comfortable and more awake.

People who drive without being fully rested are a danger to other motorists on the road. Drivers can avoid drowsy driving by taking the right precautions before they get into their vehicles.


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