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Drivers and weather-related crashes

People are not the only cause of motor vehicle accidents in Florida. According to USA Today.com, rain is the deadliest of all weather-related driving hazards. Motorists who drive on slick and wet pavements should do so with caution. The roads are more treacherous during these times. Some people like teenagers, seniors, distracted and alcohol-influenced drivers may not be capable of navigating them safely. To avoid becoming a statistic, drivers who cannot stay off the roads when the road conditions take a turn for the worse should drive carefully.

Factors that contribute to weather-related car accidents

Visibility is reduced when there are heavy downpours. Travel delays, vehicle performance and lane submersion are other factors that are attributed to weather-related car accidents. 22 percent of all car crashes are caused by slick pavements, states the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Operations.

Oil residue and other traces of vehicle fluids on the ground can make the roads even slicker. Many drivers are overconfident about their abilities to operate their vehicles safely on slick streets. They speed, tailgate, make sudden turns and fail to give enough attention to other motorists who share the roads with them. Some motorists cannot drive their vehicles safely because of neglected repair issues and mechanical problems.

The weather and road conditions are not always predictable, but many weather-related car accidents are preventable. Motorists should not overestimate their driving skills and should adjust their driving actions accordingly so they can keep themselves, their passengers and other drivers safe.

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