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January 2017 Archives

Proving paternity and establishing fathers' rights in Florida

Unmarried parents may face a host of legal complications regarding child support, visitation and other issues. If you are an unmarried father, it may be necessary for you to take certain legal steps in order to clearly establish paternity and act upon your rights as a biological parent.

What to Do After a Car Accident?

Unfortunately, car accidents are a risk of the roads and there is always a chance that an accident can occur any time someone sets foot inside of a motor vehicle. While nobody thinks they're going to get in a car accident when they go out driving, it is important that people understand what to do after an accident occurs.

Older motorcycle riders may be in greater danger

Naturally, anyone on a motorcycle can be involved in an accident, regardless of age. However, a study of fatality trends carried out by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that older riders were seeing the biggest increase in deadly wrecks.

Look for poor maintenance as a cause of truck accidents

How safe is the big truck next to you on the road? What about the one behind you? The reality is that you have no idea, because a poorly maintained truck can look just fine right up until the moment its brakes fail or one of its tires blows out.

Determining vehicle speed with accident reconstruction

One goal that an accident reconstruction team has is to decide if the law was broken by one driver -- or both -- to help determine fault. This may not be clear in all cases, such as when it is suggested that the driver was speeding but he or she insists that the speed limit was never broken.

Recovering after a fall at a local business establishment

Have you been enjoying the 2016 holiday season in Florida? Thousands of people have been celebrating, shopping, dining out and visiting family and friends. If your holiday fun came to a screeching halt when you slipped and fell at a department store or local restaurant, you are not alone.

Quick facts about slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents are very serious, despite how often they're portrayed as comical in movies, TV shows, and other media. They're one of the top reasons that people are injured every year. Below are a few quick facts that help show just how serious they can be:

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