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Why do cargo tank trucks rollover?

Tractors that carry tanks full of potentially hazardous substances such as oil and gasoline can pose dangers to other motorists if a truck accident occurs. In most cases, the trucks carrying these materials arrive at their destinations intact. However, sometimes these tankers rollover, which can involve other motorists like you.

The majority of Florida residents and even truck drivers believe rollovers occur due to poor conditions, truck driver inexperience and driving too fast. Statistics show that these factors play less of a role than you might think. This leaves people wondering that factors do play the biggest role in truck accidents involving cargo tanks.

According to statistics, driver error plays a large role in tanker rollovers. Data shows that 78 percent of these accidents occur for this reason. For example, if a truck driver becomes drowsy or takes attention away from the road, the truck could drift onto the shoulder and roll over.

Another common cause of truck accidents involving a rollover is load size. Statistics indicate that 63 percent of cargo tank rollover accidents happen because of the cargo load. When trucks are transporting only partial loads of liquid, the contents of the tank are subject to a "slosh and surge" effect, which can contribute to rollover risk.

The condition of the vehicle itself is also a large factor in this type of truck accident. A study revealed that 54 percent of tanker truck rollovers happen because the brakes are defective in some way.

If you are asking this question because you have been involved in a tanker truck accident, you should certainly continue learning more. One good source of information you might consider is a personal injury attorney serving residents in your location.

Source: FMCSA, "Cargo Tank Rollover Fact Sheet," accessed Dec. 09, 2016

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