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What are the common types of motorcycle injuries?

When motorcycle accidents happen in Florida, the injuries that bikers sustain range from minor to severe. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the number of injured bikers in 2015 was 88,000. Younger riders sustain less severe injuries than older bikers. They also make up half of all motorcycle accident-related fatalities.

Motorcycles have less protection. Unlike automobiles that have sides, are enclosed and are equipped with safety restraints and devices, motorcycles do not have as many features to protect bikers. Their “risk of injury is nine times higher than automobile occupants”, states the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Road rash

Road rash is a very common type of injury for bikers. It happens when their bodies make contact with the road, resulting in painful abrasions. Some bikers who sustain minor abrasions may experience slight pain and irritation. Others may suffer from more severe road burns that break through several layers of skin and require immediate medical attention.

Brain injuries

Brain injuries vary in severity. Bikers who sustain them often face long recoveries, overwhelming financial burdens and mounting medical expenses. Some motorcyclists who end up with them die from the severity of their injuries. Bikers who wear helmets are less likely to end up with severe brain injuries and are more likely to survive their experiences.

Bone fractures

Due to the nature of collisions, bikers often end up broken bones and fractures. Common areas of the body that are prone to fracture include the arms, legs, feet, spine and wrists. The seriousness and degree of injuries are dependent on several factors, including age, type of vehicles involved, driving behavior and if motorcycle gear was used.

Motorcycle accidents are preventable. Bikers who practice safe riding habits and use the right safety equipment can reduce their risk of injuries and death.

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