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Marijuana crashes triples over past 10 years

Crashes in Florida involving motorists who are under the influence of marijuana are on the rise. With states across the country moving towards legalizing the substance, more people are making the decision to drive while they are high.

Findings from a recent study show that the “number of marijuana car crashes have gone up from four percent to 12 percent”, states Medical Daily. The data is from a study that occurred from 1999 to 2010. One reason for this is many drivers may not be aware of the dangers of drugged driving. Another is many teen drivers believe that drugged driving is safer than alcohol-influenced driving. The use of any substance that can alter one’s perception, reasoning and movements before and while driving is dangerous.

Some states have tried to fight back against the trend by testing the blood of offenders for THC levels. There are factors involved that make it hard to determine the level of impairment for marijuana intoxicated drivers. The time it takes to collect and test blood samples varies making it hard to establish any baselines. Some motorists respond differently to the substance and may not be as affected by it as a driver who has consumed considerably less of the drug. Also, many motorists who use marijuana may not feel like they are drugged. They think they feel normal and resort to doing many of the things they would normally do when they are not under the influence of any substance like driving.

Drugged driving is just as dangerous as intoxicated driving. People who decide to use marijuana should avoid getting behind the wheel and choose someone who is not under any influence to drive them where they need to go.

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