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How do I handle an angry motorist?

As you drive around Hillsborough and the surrounding areas, you may encounter rude drivers. However, as a previous blog post points out, that rudeness has the potential to turn into a full-blown road rage. When it does, the actions you take have a direct impact on what that driver will do and how far things will go.

The American Automobile Association’s Foundation for Traffic Safety points out that it is common to see the roadway as a contest. You have probably seen a situation where drivers are trying to show off the power of their car or are cutting around vehicles to get to the front of the pack. Maybe a driver has glared at you as he or she sped by or even flipped you off. Your first impulse might be to respond in a likewise manner, but this is actually a bad idea as it could make the driver even angrier.

Instead, it is better to be calm. Make it a point to keep your hands on the wheel so that you do not find yourself doing something you might regret. It is also important not to glance or look at the other driver, especially if they are acting in a really aggressive manner. Eye contact may be interpreted as a challenge and generate further aggressive behavior which can put you and anyone with you in danger.

If you see an angry driver near you, you should stay out of the way. It may require you to change lanes or even slow down so that you are not too close to him or her. If an aggressive driver seems intent on getting into a confrontation with you, you should drive to the nearest police station or into a public parking lot. Dialing 911 can also help.

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