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Car accidents and injuries

Not all injuries that occur from car accidents in Florida are minor. Some victims end up with minor injuries that allow them to walk away from these incidents virtually unscathed. Other motorists sustain injuries so severe that they are temporarily or permanently disabled. Some drivers die from their injuries. According to Newsweek, the number of car accidents that occurred during the first six months of 2014 was 30 percent lower than the number of incidents that occurred during the first half of 2015. During this time, approximately 2.3 million severe injuries were sustained.

Factors affecting injuries

The severity of injuries is dependent on several factors, including speed at the time of collision, the involvement of alcohol and drugs, vehicle type, air bags, victim age and position during impact. Seatbelts and driver behavior also play significant roles in the seriousness of injuries sustained.

Minor and serious injuries

Some people receive minor injuries that may not require medical intervention. These victims may feel completely normal or slightly sore and bruised. Little to no recovery is needed. However, some injuries are so severe that they are classified as serious. They are not life-threatening or catastrophic in nature. People who sustain them may require medical treatment, such as surgery and rehabilitation. They can return to work and their normal routines after they recover.

Catastrophic injuries

People who sustain catastrophic injuries are unable to resume their normal lives. Their wounds are so serious that they end up with disabilities or some type of disfigurements. Long-term rehabilitation and treatment are required. Victims who sustain catastrophic injuries from car accidents are unable to return to work, earn a living or enjoy their previous standard and quality of life. Common injuries that are classified as catastrophic include brain damage, amputations, severe burns and paralysis. Complete recovery is not possible.

When car accidents occur, the likelihood of injuries is great. However, some injuries do not present themselves right after collisions. Drivers who are involved in accidents should seek out medical attention as a precaution.

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