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Actions that indicate that a dog may bite

Children are often bitten by dogs, and experts note that, in many cases, the problem is that the children don't recognize the warning signs. They don't think that they're doing anything wrong or are in any danger.

This is a serious issue. Due to their size, children are often bitten in the face and the neck. With the majority of injuries to these regions, children are at a high risk for disfigurement and even death in these attacks.

So, what are the warning signs to watch out for? Some include:

-- A dog that is trapped in a corner.-- A dog that puts its tail between its legs.-- A dog that hunches its shoulders, a move that can almost look submissive but that often indicates fear.-- A dog that looks startled or surprised.-- A dog that takes a few small steps back when confronted with the child, but without turning away.-- A dog that presses its ears flat back against the top of its head.-- A dog that is looking around as if trying to find a path of escape.-- A dog that licks its lips, a sign of possible stress.-- A dog with a stiff posture.

It's worth noting that these signs don't always mean that a dog is going to attack. If you see them all at the same time, though, it's worth being careful.

Naturally, young children don't always know how to read these signs, so they are frequently attacked. If your child was bitten by someone else's dog, you may be able to get compensation. This can be especially important for bites that result in disabilities disfigurement that is life-long.

Source: Positively, "Why Dogs Bite Children: A Lesson in Preventing Dog Bites in Kids," Sophia Yin, accessed Dec. 01, 2016

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