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Taking selfies while driving latest distraction

There is a new distracted driving trend overtaking the roads in Florida. Drivers are taking selfies while they are behind the wheel. As risky as driving distractions are, many motorists, young and old are taking chances with their safety in order to take pictures of themselves to share on social media.

It only takes one hand and few seconds to snap a picture and share it. Those few seconds are crucial, especially when driving. That short amount of time is long enough for motorists to crash into other vehicles. According to CNN.com, the number of people who die each year from distracted driving is 3,300. Plane, boat and motorcycle operators are also guilty of engaging in this type of reckless behavior, not just automobile drivers. As technology continues to advance, more vehicle operators are willing to put themselves in danger to use it.

Drivers who are unable to avoid hazards by maneuvering their vehicles safely and take corrective actions to avoid accidents often are unable to dos so because they stopped focusing on the road. Drivers who operate their vehicles while they are intoxicated are less dangerous than distracted motorists, states PhoneSheriff. Teenage drivers are already more likely to engage in distracted driving. Many of them are willing to put innocent lives at risk just to take pictures, even when there is a great risk of injury and accident to themselves.

Drivers who decide to take selfies should only do so when they are not operating their vehicles. They should also report any motorists they see participating in this type of activity. To make the roads safer for everyone, drivers should practice good judgment at all times.

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