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Stay safe while walking at night with some simple steps

People in the U.S. are walking more for both health and fun -- but pedestrians are also at risk of injuries and death if they get into an accident with a vehicle while they're on their walk.

Florida is among the top four states for pedestrian deaths, who are especially vulnerable at night and during the winter. That makes it especially important to take a few extra steps to insure your safety while you're out at night.

-- Wear light-colored clothing and plenty of reflective gear. When choosing your reflective gear, it's important to keep in mind that you need to be visible from all directions. Walkers sometimes forget to make sure that they can be easily spotted from their sides, back and front.

-- Choose your route carefully. One of the biggest problems walkers face is that there are a lot of design defects in modern cities that make walking inherently unsafe. Look for a route that has sidewalks or designated walking lanes. If it snows, look for routes that are generally shoveled with pedestrians in mind so that you aren't forced to step out into the street to get around a bank of frozen snow.

-- Keep your headphones out of both ears. If you use music to help keep your pace, keep one ear free to listen for emergency vehicles. If you need to adjust the settings on your MP3 player, actually stop walking to do it. Staying in motion while you're making even a small adjustment could cause you to overlook a danger or a miss a car that's headed directly at you.

-- Don't walk home if you've been drinking. Past studies have indicated that 34 percent of pedestrians killed in accidents had elevated blood alcohol levels when they died. Call a cab or rideshare service instead.

These tips not only increase your chances of staying safe, they also help your case if you are in an accident with a vehicle. Florida law reduces how much of your damages you can recover by the percentage that you're found at fault for contributing to the accident in the first place. If you get injured and need to file a lawsuit, defense attorneys will be eager to find out what you did or didn't do to protect yourself.

If you want to learn more about how our Tampa, Florida, firm approaches personal injury claims, please visit our page.

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