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Motorists and smartphones

It seems as if every motorist on the roads in Florida has smartphones in their hands while they are operating their vehicles. The availability of technology makes it harder for drivers to ignore it. This has contributed to the dangerous phenomenon of distracted driving due to cellphone use.

Multitasking is a skill that all motorists should have. However, their ability to do so is supposed to be limited to safe driving actions so the roads can remain safe. When drivers take advantage of and overestimate their ability to multitask because they are using their cellphones to hold conversations via text messages, verbally over the phone and surfing the web, their risk of accidents and injuries skyrockets.

According to Digital Trends, more motorists place a higher priority on smartphone use instead of road safety. The most common place for vehicle operators to keep their cellphones is within reaching distance. This close proximity makes it harder to ignore the fact that these devices are meant to be left alone until driving is no longer happening. Slightly more than 70 percent of motorists engage in this type of distracted driving.

To help make the roads safer and to decrease the number of smartphone-related accidents that occur, researchers and government officials are encouraging technology companies and smartphones manufacturers to increase the safety features that are available on their products. Currently, there are some apps available and some phones are also equipped with driving modes. However, many motorists are not using them because they are optional and not required. Apps and technology are also being developed to restrict these devices so that motorists are not able to use them while they are driving, states The Guardian.

Vehicle owners who value their lives and the lives of others should take heed of the dangers that motorists and smartphones present.

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