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5 tips for spotting a drunk driver

As you make your way through the streets of Tampa, you know how important it is to follow the law and do whatever you can to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, even when you're doing everything you can to remain safe, other drivers may not be taking the same approach.

For example, drinking and driving remains a problem in Florida, as well as every other state in the U.S.

While paying attention to the road in front of you is important, the same holds true for your focus on other drivers. You need to know what these people are doing at all times, which often includes determining if a person may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Here are several tips that will help you spot a drunk driver:

1. Weaving all over the road

When a person is unable to keep their vehicle in the same lane of travel, it is often a sign that he or she is driving while impaired.

2. Driving without headlights at night

When you are sober, it's safe to assume that you'll remember to turn your headlights on at night. Even if you initially forget, you won't make it far before you realize you can't see. Drunk drivers are very inattentive and may not realize the reason they can't see is because they forgot to turn their headlights on.

3. Driving the wrong way down a one-way road

Not only is this a sign that a person may be intoxicated, but it is extremely dangerous. If a person exhibits this behavior, he or she could cause a head-on collision that leads to serious injury or even death.

4. Driving extremely slowly

It's easy to believe that drunk driving would lead a person to speed, but this isn't always the case. When people know they are drunk, they often slow down with the hope of avoiding an accident and going undetected by police.

5. Tailgating

There are many reasons people tailgate, but drunk drivers often don't realize just how close they are to vehicles in front of them.

If you're driving in close proximity to somebody who is making strange decisions, such as those detailed above, it's a good idea to do two things:

  • Keep your distance as to avoid an accident.
  • Contact police so that authorities can check out what's going on.

Even when you do your best to avoid trouble on the road, you never know when a drunk driver could cause an accident that leads to personal injury. If this happens, receive immediate medical attention and then learn more about your legal rights.

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