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Tailgating and car accidents

Now that football season has arrived in Florida, the streets are filled with tailgating motorists. Unfortunately, this type of driving activity affects the safety of everyone else on the roads. According to Weather.com, Florida ranks among the most dangerous tailgating states in the country. Tailgating is a form of aggressive driving that results in rear-end crashes. These incidents occur from the close proximity of vehicles involved and the inability of the tailgating driver to safely maneuver their vehicle properly to avoid impact. The best way that motorists can protect themselves is to avoid the use of aggressive driving behaviors.

Tailgating can also occur when aggressive drivers refuse to extend road courtesies that allow other motorists to pass, get in front to maneuver safely around their vehicles. Victims of tailgating accidents often sustain serious injuries to their chests, heads and suffer from whiplash, states WNYHealthShow. The impact that occurs from these incidents often involves jerking, jarring, sudden and forceful movements that can be potentially life-threatening if seatbelts are not used.

Some motorists tailgate because they have little control over their negative emotions. They are more prone to crashing when their rage overtakes them. These drivers also release their feelings when they drive. Some drivers participate in this type of aggressive driving behavior because they are overconfident about their driving skills. They overestimate their abilities and make poor driving decisions. Others do so unconsciously.

Tailgating is a serious problem that endangers the lives and vehicles of everyone on the roads. Motorists should watch for drivers who drive aggressively and resort to defensive driving to protect themselves and their passengers.

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