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Study: Voice-activated technology poses accident risk to drivers

There are more motorists on the roads in Tennessee than ever before. Many drivers are using hands-free driving technology during their commutes which presents a serious risk to their safety. According to ABC News Go, restrictions should be placed on the use of technology in vehicles by their operators. Voice-activated technology should not be used unless their vehicles are stopped and no longer in motion.

With the use of voice-activated technology, drivers can send and receive text messages and phone calls while they operate their vehicles without taking their eyes or focus off the roads. However, research shows that hands-free technology slows down their reaction times and reduces their capabilities to focus on the streets by overloading their senses, states PCMag.com. These concerns create potential hazards because motorists are more likely to miss pedestrians, traffic signs and the actions of other drivers that are right in front of and near them.

The use of voice-activated technology increases cognitive distraction. Sending voice messages back in forth via email and in text were classified as significant safety risks. Drivers who use the hands-free option to make phone calls were classified as slightly less risky. The handheld use of cellphones and the use of the hands-free option to make phone calls were categorized as moderately risky. Using voice-activated technology to access and listen to the radio was classified as minimally distractive.

Motorists who decide to use voice-activated technology while they are operating their vehicles should keep in mind that its use is not risk-free. Extreme caution and preventative action should be taken to minimize them.

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