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How motorcyclists can keep themselves safe on the road

Before Florida motorcyclists hit the road this season, they should learn how to keep themselves safe. According to Consumer Reports, single vehicle crashes are the cause of almost half of all motorcycle deaths. People who are inside of cars are 30 times less likely to die than motorcyclists who are involved in vehicle wrecks.

Bikers should make sure their vehicles are prepped for the road. An improperly equipped bike that has mechanical issues, such as low tire pressure and worn-out brakes is harder to handle and steer. It is also more likely to breakdown while it is in use. Riders should inspect their vehicles to ensure that all turn signals, lights and the horn work.

Motorcyclists should also get proper riding instruction by taking an approved riding course. Safety courses can teach bikers emergency maneuvers and advanced and rudimentary techniques so they can hone their skills and become more proficient at riding their bikes safely. Motorcyclists should also become more defensive drivers. To ensure they have enough time to stop or maneuver, bikers should travel at a safe distance behind other drivers that may be driving distracted, maneuvering around road obstacles and engaging in bad driving behaviors.

Motorcyclists need to pay close attention to the road and other motorists when they are at intersections. Bikers should also practice turning their heads and looking where they want to go before they take off, states Business Insider. Avoiding blind spots, wearing safety gear like helmets, the right shoes and gloves and keeping their guard up are other ways that bikers can protect themselves while they are out riding.

Motorcyclists should make safety their number one priority. By adjusting their driving behaviors, and taking a motorcycle safety course, they can protect themselves and others from vehicle accidents, injuries and even death.

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