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Road rage increasing

There are more motorists on the roads in Florida than ever due to warmer temperatures and longer days. Along with higher traffic volumes, comes an increase in the number of road rage incidents. According to BrandonGaille.com, each year, road rage situations account for the loss of approximately 1,500 lives. Road rage, also known as aggressive driving is experienced by at least 44 percent of women every day. Road raging motorists affect at least 55 percent of male drivers.

 Road rage incidents are caused by a variety of factors, including a lack of traffic control, aggressive driving behaviors and motorist personality. Aggressive drivers are more likely to engage in unsafe driving behaviors, such as driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated, without seatbelts and without regard for speed limits.

 All motorists on the streets are put in danger by victims of road rage incidents. Many victims often turn into aggressive drivers themselves because they are seeking retaliation or revenge against other road raging drivers. In some cases, road rage continues after a driver is no longer in their vehicle or on the road. Weapons, such as guns are used in 37 percent of road rage situations that result in fatalities. Road rage is the cause of 66 percent of traffic-related deaths.

Aggressive driving creates a vicious cycle that often ends in more car wrecks and deaths, states Elite Driving School. Road rage and aggressive driving behavior that stems from motorists who fail to recognize the intent of other drivers, perform illegal driving maneuvers and participate in other bad driving behaviors account for 33 percent of driver error-related accidents. Driver error is the cause of 94 percent of traffic accidents, making it the leading cause of them.

Drivers can protect themselves from aggressive driving situations by staying calm while they are behind the wheel, not engaging other motorists when they make driving mistakes and improper maneuvers and by paying close attention to their own driving behaviors.

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