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How to react after you have been in a car accident

It is always a scary moment when you are driving down the road and you see a swerving car in front of you; or a driver preoccupied by a conversation with people in the backseat; or a driver whose face is lit up by the white light of a cellphone screen. In any of these situations, the negligent driver could cause a car accident, thus changing the course of the lives of the people involved in the crash.

A car accident can have serious ramifications for the people involved, such as lacerations, terrible abrasions, broken bones, debilitating head and neck injuries, and even catastrophic or fatal circumstances. Car accidents need to be dealt with as soon as possible by the victims involved.

But before you can attain justice, you have to deal with the immediate aftermath of a car accident, and that can be a chaotic and difficult thing to handle. So first of all, remain calm after you have been in an accident. It may be tough to do, but just take a deep breath and prepare to deal with the aftermath.

Once you check yourself out and determine you're okay (or okay enough to move on), you can check on the other drivers and help them if they need it. Call 911 if a serious medical emergency is underway. Afterwards, you can take photos of the crash scene to help you support any claims you may make later. If you are offered medical treatment, don't turn it down. Accept it so that your recovery can begin and so that you have a record of the treatment that you needed.

Also, talk to any witnesses that may have seen the accident and ask if they are willing to go on the record with their eyewitness account. Ultimately, if negligence or recklessness is proven on the part of the other driver, you should consult with an attorney.

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