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No winnings for those who gamble away child support

Tampa parents who are owed child support and do not receive a monthly check understand the frustration and stress the missed payments can create. In many cases, missed child support payments equate a financial burden on a parent with custody. Sometimes, it can seem like delinquent parents elude authorities, but there are many agencies that seek to get deadbeat parents to pay.

Recently, New York gamblers who attempt to collect winnings and have a history of delinquent child support payments are finding they are unable to collect. The state confiscated nearly $12.6 million from delinquent parents who were winners of cash prizes. Casinos and gambling parlors are required to run a background check on winners of over $600, and are able to identify whether the individual has outstanding back taxes or child support debts. After the check, the establishment is required by law to deduct the amount owed from the winnings.

Parents who find dust in their mailbox rather than child support payments can appreciate when a state takes affirmative action to collect debts. When a child support order is in place with a court, the parent who is ordered to pay child support has an obligation and duty to make the payments. If the payments are not made, a parent can contact proper authorities and organizations in an attempt to enforce the order or begin a collection action.

Legally speaking, a child support order is typically created by a family court judge, which instructs each parent regarding their monetary and support obligations. In order to collect child support, there must be a valid order in place with the courts. An order will dictate procedures for payments, identify each parent and child, and the amount owed monthly. If payments are not made, enforcement is appropriate and can take the form of withheld wages, seizure of property, suspension of licenses, or in severe cases, a jail sentence.

If you have not received child support payments from your child's parent and you have a valid support order, an attorney may be able to advise you regarding the best course of action.

Source: New York Post, "Winner Takes None," April 22, 2013

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