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Man jumps into river to avoid outstanding child support warrant

Tampa parents who have endured missed child support payments know how frustrating and stressful it can be. For some parents, child support can mean the difference between financial stress and financial stability. For other parents, they may heavily rely on the support. When payments are missed, and parents are delinquent, there are many consequences.

The sad truth is that some delinquent parents will go to extreme lengths to not pay and then conceal their missed payments. However, thanks to some stringent child support systems in place, not all delinquent parents get away with their behavior. Recently, a man who was wanted on a warrant for failure to pay child support opted to jump in a river rather than "pony up." The man was pulled over for an expired sticker, however jumped because of the outstanding warrant for his arrest. He swam for over ten minutes, nearing closer to a dam as rescue teams contemplated how to reach him. Rather than swim for a side of the river, the man stayed away from the banks in order to get away from police waiting on either side. After being informed of an impending waterfall, the man swam to shore and police arrested him. When he was arrested, the man then told police about the outstanding domestic child-support warrant outstanding. In addition to the warrant, the man was charged with driving with a suspended license, fleeing to avoid apprehension and having an expired car registration.

While it may seem strange or difficult to assign duties and payments amount for a child, child support effectively helps to ensure a child's proper care and upbringing and can be awarded to either a mother or a father of a child. With current divorce rates hovering at nearly half, child support regulation is a very important social issue, and one that the government and enforcement agencies take very seriously. When a parent becomes delinquent in making payments, agencies can implement various collection tactics such as seizing property, tax refunds, suspending licenses or even imposing a jail sentence.

Raising your child is can be challenging enough without unnecessary financial burdens, or missed child support payments. If you have a valid child support order in place and are dealing with a delinquent parent, an attorney can help to evaluate your case and assist you in seeking proper compensation.

Source: The Morning Call, "Wanted for child support, man jumps in Lehigh River at Easton, police say," April 27, 2013

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