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Divorce Resorts offers luxury and a fast divorce

Tampa residents contemplating a divorce may be wary of the impending emotional toll to come. A divorce can change your everyday life altogether, as well as altering living arrangements, families and finances.

However, a number of law firms, mediators and companies are taking an alternative route to the cliché emotionally draining divorce. Rather than giving in to the stereotype, these companies are attempting to make divorce a relaxing and tranquil time.

In particular, divorce resort spas are becoming more popular. For instance, one company seeks to complete a divorce over the course of a three day weekend at a "divorce resort." Both of the spouses and one attorney will visit a luxurious four-star resort.

During the weekend, mediation will take place to settle and discuss all issues in contention. If there are any areas that cannot be resolved in the first two days, the third day an arbitrator will be brought in to resolve the remaining issues. By the end of the weekend, both spouses have been listened to, validated and provided with an agreeable resolution for the divorce. In theory, the divorce resort cuts down on both costs and the timeline of divorce.

Recently, the use of a mediator has become more prevalent in divorces. In mediation, an attorney can take on numerous roles - not only as an advocate, but also as a coach, consultant and advisor. Mediation is an informal alternative to resolving a dispute in court. It is private and utilizes a third party in order to help parties reach a resolution for issues such as marital property, real estate, asset division and retirement plans.

Both spouses can have their own attorney or may opt to use only one mediator who may be an attorney. The mediator's primary goal is to assist parties to reach a solution that is best for their particular situation, rather than what the law may proscribe.

While mediation may be helpful for some couples going through a divorce, it may not be the case for all. An attorney can explain the role of a mediator, and advise you whether mediation may be helpful in your particular case.

Source: Huffington Post, "Quick Divorce: Texas Law Firm Offers New 'Divorce Resort'," Dec. 19, 2012

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