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Celebrating the completion of divorce a rising trend

Tampa residents considering divorce may find it difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel. The divorce process can be filled with legal documents, paperwork and sometimes painful memories. However, some companies are looking to turn the completion of divorce into a means for celebration.

The celebration of high asset divorce has become a surprisingly prevalent trend among women. Some of the same companies that have profited from bachelorette parties and services are now including divorce parties - with some companies seeing higher profits from their divorce-themed business than from their old wedding-themed one. Companies sell anything from sashes boldly proclaiming "divorced," to headless-husband cake toppers and personalized toilet paper. Rather than sulking in the end of a relationship, many have chosen to celebrate returning to the status of being single.

Divorce parties usually do not happen immediately after the split, but rather, upon completion of the divorce in the court system. Parties can come months or even years after the separation and especially in cases of complicated high-asset divorces. The timeline of a divorce can differ from couple to couple and depends on the laws of each state.

Initially, one spouse will get a lawyer and explain in a petition why a divorce is needed and how to settle issues such as alimony or spousal support and other financial issues. The lawyer will file the petition with the court and serve it on the other spouse.

What follows after the initial steps can take months to complete. After the initial complaint, there must be answers from the other spouse and document exchanges, which can prove to be particularly challenging with high-asset divorces. Factors such as the ability to negotiate and divide marital property, as well as the speed of the court system will dictate the amount of time until the divorce is granted. If spouses are unable to come to an agreement together, or have high value assets which are difficult to divide, a trial may be necessary. A judge will reach a decision and resolve issues on division of property and assets, ultimately granting the divorce.

Sometimes after such an emotionally draining and difficult process, a celebration can be in order. Divorce parties serve as a reminder and marker of brighter days ahead, and the start of a new chapter in life.

Source: NYMag.com, "How Divorce Parties Became the New Bachelorettes," Michelle Ruiz, Oct. 10, 2012

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